Monday, January 22, 2007

my bipolar daughter

That's what we are looking at. Megan is bipolar. WOW. We met with the psych today for the first time today. We have some papers to fill out and some for the school before we go back and get the official diagnosis.
here are some symptoms I got off of the net

Very Common
Separation Anxiety (yes since a very young age)
Rages & Explosive Temper Tantrums (lasting up to several hours) (yes yes yes)
Marked Irritability (definately)
Oppositional Behavior (yes)
Frequent Mood Swings (god yes)
Distractibility (yes)
Hyperactivity (yes)
Impulsivity (YES)
Restlessness/ Fidgetiness (YES)
Silliness, Goofiness, Giddiness (YES)
Racing Thoughts (YES)
Aggressive Behavior (YES)
Carbohydrate Cravings (YES)
Risk-Taking Behaviors (YES)
Depressed Mood
Low Self-Esteem
Difficulty Getting Up in the Morning (YES)
Social Anxiety (YES)
Oversensitivity to Emotional or Environmental Triggers Common (YES)
Bed-Wetting (especially in boys)(YES)
Night Terrors
Rapid or Pressured Speech
Obsessional Behavior
Excessive Daydreaming
Compulsive Behavior
Motor & Vocal Tics
Learning Disabilities
Poor Short-Term Memory
Lack of Organization (YES)
Fascination with Gore or Morbid Topics
Manipulative Behavior
Bossiness (YES)
Lying (YES)
Suicidal Thoughts
Destruction of Property (YES)
Hallucinations & Delusions Less Common
Migraine Headaches (YES)
Bingeing (YES)
Self-Mutilating Behaviors
Cruelty to Animals

This is hard to swallow, but knowing this will help us help her before it gets too late. My g-mother is/was bipolar and I have the anxeity. Weird how things like this are genetic too.

Monday, December 18, 2006

appointment was friday

she did some bloodwork and gave me a script for hormones to take for 10 days. she felt around for anything extra in there, but didn't feel anything to worry about. came home and laid around for a bit then went to the store and came home and as usual had to pee like crazy. i started all on my own just then. funny how things work like that. i feel so much better since the death cramps are gone. i asked robby for a puppy since i won't be having another baby.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Guess I better come clean with my one reader

I have to go to the girl doctor. Why? Cause I am 5 weeks late. My last period started on 10-13. Yes, I did have a tubal in 2000 after Meg was born. It could be as simple as being pregnant which would thrill Megan to death. It could be a cyst or an eptopic pregnancy. Those are not good. Why on earth do I want another baby? I won't be able to stand an eptopic. They will have to take it away. That would kill me. I have taken 3 tests at home(one every week)and they are all negative. My friend Jennifer had her twins last week and they are so perfect. I really do want another one, shhhh don't tell Robby.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's cold!!!

It dropped like 35* in an hour.
What's new? Meg is in anger management classes at school. She loves it. Time will tell....
Jared is going to his 1st concert with us. Just a little band called THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!! He is soooooooooooo excited. We have to wait till March.
Ihave been sick for a week. I'm not taking any meds today so I can become normal again and clean.

Friday, October 20, 2006

So the tubes all came out

Jared is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to have his Monty. He rushes to go pee now. He's still leaking out of the stoma at night, but as his bladder stretches more and more over time. Irrigating his bladder is so easy too. We are getting less and less mucus and pretty soon a few times a day will becime once a day then a few times a week. I owe the supply company some money so we have to make due with the supplies we have until I get it paid. Luckily Robby found out he has a flex account with enough money to pretty much pay it off. Hopefully the card will come tomorrow so I can call them and get it taken care of. If not off to Shriners I go. His new wheels are here in town, but still in a million pieces. The lady I spoke to said call next week it should be done. He will be so thrilled!!!
My Megan was having troubles then she stopped and yesterday she had to go to the prinicpal's office. It was her 5th write up. No behavior party today. It was something simple, but escalated into her being pissed off. The breaking point was when she snatched her water bottle out of her teacher's hand. She had to stay in her room all day yesterday and hopefully things will be back to normal today. She is such a good girl, but things can get ugly fast. If she doesn't get her anger under control she can take part in the school's anger group session. She found a tea set my Memaw gave her one year for Christmas and she just loves it. It's been set up on the table for days now. I love her so much it hurts me to see her act like me when she's angry.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Tomorrow is the magic day

The day when the tubes come out of my son. He's had them for over 3 weeks now. They were supposed to come out on Friday, but his doctor wasn't there so we were rescheduled. I was okay with it, they paid for my parking. He is so ready to go back to school. I am ready for him to too. He is going through some cry everytime mom touches my tape thing. He never cried in the hospital after having his entire lower half cut open, but he will cry for a tiny piece of tape. I have done all of his care since we've been home so I'm going through something too. Robby did drain his pee bag 2x and put Jared's undies on tonight. I have been sick since Friday night. I told Robby to get something we could just toss in the oven for dinner and he brings home a lasagna that cooks for 2 hours. Megan is having a quesidilla tonight. I am having my second drink any minute. My poor nose is so clogged. Mom and I had it out today. I told her that I was tired of her turning everything into something about her. ATTENTION WHORE is what she is. She left for the night or a few. I told her I am all out of sympathy for her right now. My son has tubes coming out of his bladder and colon and that's all I care about right now.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!